C.L. Powers Jr Excavation is a family run business based out of Brunswick, Maine. Owner Chuck Powers grew up running farm equipment on his grandparents farm, and in 1992 started his own company. Starting out with a John Deere tractor and a one-ton dump truck, Chuck set out to do small jobs that bigger companies passed over for bigger jobs. Over the years the size and number of tools in his arsenal have grown, and today the company is proud to lay claim to two excavators, a skid steer with numerous attachments, a 14 yard dump truck, and a two tractors, one of which is the original John Deere that Chuck started with.

Together with his wife and daughter, Chuck works to make sure that the projects he works on are all done to the best of his ability, whether his is working for a contractor or a homeowner. From rototilling gardens and mowing fields to septic systems  and house lots and even the occasional croquet course, the attention to detail is all the same.